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Rosa Mirabilis : Coalition for Holistic Healing!

NEPTUNE IS IN PISCES, ON ITS OWN DOMICILE UNTIL 2026 and together with Chiron, the great healer, urge us to take care of our health! IT IS A TIME OF MAGNIFICENT DREAMS!

I dream to achieve a Global Coalition of natural healers; a large network of people who use complementary and alternative medicines, and first of all FOOD (like Hippocrates said), in order to heal any kind of disease, including cancer, diabetes, heart attacks etc. Humanity of the future should define a re-connection to MOTHER NATURE, instead of working against HER.

The beautiful Wild Rose is the most fitting symbol of Nature’s healing power, as “her” perfume has one of the highest vibrations among known flowers; it resonates with and stimulates the Pink Heart Chakra, gradually awaking the Universal Divine Spirit (the link between our home earth and all of us born of it).

So, how to go about it?

The main purpose is to unify people who are interested in holistic healing. Anyone can be his own natural healer. It takes only will, assiduity, and attention to the inner signs of your body. Let’s join all together in order to entirely heal ourselves and our World!

Under the Rosa Mirabilis auspices we plan to…

…Make a team of people passionate about Nature and Health in every country.

…Bring together natural healers around the world through a web platform with specific categories, such as:
Anti-aging Practices
Organic Houses
Medicinal Herbs…

…Identify existing natural healing centers in each country and offer assistance to create new ones where missing.

…Design an interactive map with locations that offer facilities in order to cure different diseases naturally.

…Help preserve existing natural healing flora. Multiply and don’t over-collect.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (representing botanic gardens in 120 countries) identified 400 medicinal plants at risk of extinction from over-collection and deforestation, threatening the discovery of future cures for disease. They warned that „cures for things such as cancer and HIV may become extinct before they are ever found.”

…Disseminate information online and also through seminars about local medicinal herb identification and use, and preservation awareness tips; touristic events such as festivals during the summer: Rosa Mirabilis Caravan (healthy food and beverage, healing arts, anti-aging and healing practices); inspirational ideas to grow your own vegetables – you could tremendously enrich and enhance your apartment etc. JOIN & SHARE Rosa Mirabilis Group on Facebook. This is our main information platform in this very beginning.

…Write a book – a short presentation is available on Inkshare crowdfunding platform:
ROSA MIRABILIS HEALING BOOK. You can see the content HERE.

Restore Roza’s House as a manufactury for natural products with medicinal plants, like fruits vinegar, elixirs, and medicinal herb mixtures. This tiny old cottage is the inspiring hearth of the project.

Who am I? Where do I live? What’s my life like?

I am compassionate and idealist! My wish is born of all pain and suffering I’ve ever witnessed and acknowledged, which further drove me to replace and redefine a complex of habits I figured were built against life and nature!

I live in Romania and had a comfortable job in a multinational bank; I’ve forsaken it all in favor of this new and difficult adventure of returning to nature!

The future I look to is my beloved new property with its old and traditional household and all surrounding hills of wild roses and many other medicinal plants.

natura la Casa Rozei

I seek the restoration of Roza’s House (name given by local peasants after its deceased owner) as my own home and laboratory; it is more than 100 years old, made of wood and earth and covered by a huge straw cap!

Casa Rozei

In this miraculous place, I’ve grown masterful in natural healing and cosmetics! Rosa Mirabilis is the expression of my love shared with the entire world!

GET Involved!

Do you like the idea? Be part of the team and spread the word!
Are you a web professional? Help build the online platform.
Are you an authentic natural healer? Join the community, share knowledge and interact!

Please send an email to, specifying your name, location, occupation, and how can you contribute to the project. Help us to organize! Names and contacts of the Rosa Mirabilis local activists will be published on this website.

Display and distribute Rosa Mirabilis magical symbol everywhere you like; on your web site, on your clothes, on your car, on your shop, in your work space, in your FB wallpaper! It is an astrological good luck charm!

If you believe in this project, support us in any way you are inspired to do it.

Last but not least, listen to your heart! Place compassion above knowledge to gratify awareness!

Health, Beautiful & YOUNG Forever : Fundraising Campaign

The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.” Leonard Nimoy

Money energy can make the project move faster. If you can afford a donation please click the button below!

We are grateful for any amount. All donors will be included in a thank you page (with links to websites, blogs, FB or other pages). Invoking the “tithes law”, we pray for your wealth and prosperity in order to receive 10 times back the value you shared with us. We will also share a tenth of donations with another similar project. So be it!

Donors will receive by email:
tasty healing recipes ebook

Tasty Healing Recipes eBook

Content: 7 rituals for health, 37 original healing recipes: natural food medicine and cosmetics; elixirs, drinks, snacks and sweets; toothpaste, shampoo, skin care recipes home made exclusively from edible ingredients.

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